27 April 2012

Spring Work Day 2012

Just a reminder to all Claybird Gun Club members that we are having our annual spring work day tomorrow starting at 9 AM and going until 4 PM or so.

The weather looks good for getting some of our projects done and I think there are plans to work on the 100 m rifle range. We need all hands on deck–many hands make light work.

Remember, these work days are a great opportunity to get your work hours in and save yourself a few bucks at membership renewal time!

One Response to “Spring Work Day 2012”

  1. John Brecht 1 May 2012 at 4:03 AM Permalink

    Heck of a day it was. Plenty of members came out, spreading topsoil by the sidewalk, throwing rocks by the trailer and out by the road, replacing shot up 2X4’s,cutting down unwanted wild rose bushes that didn’t belong, picking up branches and other things off the grass, but best of all a large crib was built to get the height and width we need for the rifle range. Now we have to schedule some equipment and a day to get it up there, and start filling it. Ya things went well, not to mention a huge fire and a lot of Thompson water repellant applied to pretty much everything. That’s some of the things, the list goes on!
    Congratulations on a very productive day.
    Mary’s cookies went fast and I was lucky to get a couple. Thanks darlin, and Jorge Bar-b-qued up some tasty burgers for lunch!!!