20 September 2012

100 Yard Rifle Range Open!

Our range has been officially approved by the CFO. All requested changes to our facility have been completed and members can start using the 100 yard rifle range.

Because we have a range without a 2.5 meter high berm down each side, discharging firearms is done from a fixed firing position bench with shooting ports. I have tried this bench and can tell you that it’s a very comfortable rest to use; you will not feel constrained in any way. The shooting ports are padded to protect rifle barrels from any potential damage and downrange there are 6 target boards made of plywood.

This range is bound to be very popular and it is my hope that members will be mindful of other people waiting to use it. With 6 target boards, it would be easy to give 3 people, 2 targets each and take turns. This allows more members the ability to shoot.

We’ve started a “Tight Group Contest,” please find a copy of the rules here. It will be interesting to see what kind of 5 shot groups members can come up with. This contest is more for fun than anything but there will be prizes for accuracy.

A copy of the Rifle Range rules can be viewed here; please take time to read them. Following the rules will ensure that our range continues to operate in a safe and approved manner. Let’s not give the CFO any reason to shut us down.

Congratulations to all members on this accomplishment. The addition of this rifle range will make the best club around even better.

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