Welcome to Claybird!

Claybird Gun Club is a not-for-profit club located in Exeter, Ontario that caters to those with interests in fishing, hunting, and sport shooting. Guests are welcome, and we are currently accepting new members. Thanks for visiting!

07 September 2020



10:00 a.m.to 3.00 p.m.

71363 Ausable Line, Bluewater (Exeter), Ont.

100% of the Proceeds Go to CCFR Legal Fund

SHOOT a Round of Trap at PINK Target

$20.00 for the first round of 25.
$15.00 for any additional rounds.

Let’s show our support to fight the gun ban!

Any skill level is welcome. This will be a fun day of shooting!

Contact: Doug Moore 519-264-3101 or email president@claybird.ca

07 September 2020


SEPT 13 at 10 AM

16 yrd and HDCP

$30 per 100 targets
Plus daily fees

ATA $4
OPTA membership $20
ATA membership $27

No food available.

Standard provincial Covid guidelines must be observed. Masks must be worn in the club house to register. Please do not attend if you are not feeling well.

Limited participants

You must pre-squad by contacting Jeff Rogers 519-434-2355. Leave your name and phone number if you get the answering machine.


Orange targets will be thrown.

Errors in scoring must be corrected before leaving the shooting post.

Management reserves the right, if necessary, to postpone, cancel or adjust any portion of the program.

Shell will have loads no heavier than 3 dram equivalent of powder or 1-1/8 oz of shot by standard measure struck and containing shot no larger than #7 ½.

Reloads permitted in all events.

The club demands gun safety at all times.

Closed actions are permitted on the line or in the gun rack.

07 September 2020

Winter interclub dates

Winter interclub will be held with about 40 shooters over two dates.

Clinton Sept. 6 and Sept. 20.
Exeter Oct. 10 and 18th.
Porter Hill Nov 15 and 22nd.
Tavistock Dec.12 and 19.
Gads Hill Jn 10 and 17.
Kippen Feb 7 and 21.
Woodstock Sunday March 28th, and 5-stand any Thursday in March starting at 5 p.m.

Need to attend 6 out of 7 for the prizes.

16 May 2020

Club opening on May 20

The Official Club opening is on Wednesday May 20 at the 10:00 a.m. shoot!

Locks are being changed at the Club as part of our mandate to keep the Club safe during this pandemic. Members will be able to rejoin and pick up their new key at the opening on Wednesday. Please bring two cheques for your membership (renewal and work cheque).

Members will receive your Spring Newsletter with more information in the next week.

Members must practice Social Distancing at all times at the Club. Please do not visit the Club if you are ill, have travelled, or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19.

Please check our Facebook page for further information.